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Deaf WC 2019 - lane description


This lane description is to be seen as a guideline for the training on the course. The shown playing variations are played from club players as well. But the daclaration of the balls refer to the course balls given out to hobby players. The graphics were given to us by the local club in german only.

Schwarzer Ball (black ball) - hard, very slow ball
Gelber Ball (green ball) - slow all-purpose ball (comparable to 3D Type 152)
Lila Ball (purple ball) - medium fast ball (comparable to 3D Type 263/363)
Roter Ball (red ball) - fast ball (comparable to a ball for the pipe)










To download the full lane description as pdf click here: [download lane description]

There is a second text-based lane description available provided by Ole Riewe: [download lane description by Ole Riewe]

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