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Greeting from Klaus Vogentanz


Dear Minigolfers!
Honored Guests!

As the Board Chairperson of the 1. MGC Bamberg I would like to welcome you to Bamberg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and city of sports.

I am proud that the World Minigolf Sport Federation has entrusted us to host the WMF World Deaf Minigolf Championships 2019. We are delighted to welcome athletes from around the world at our courses at Jahn Island.

Over the two days of the tournament, we will determine new Deaf Minigolf World Champions in six categories. Each competition will be a test of will and focus: Athletes will show off their skills and prove the effectiveness of their many hours of practice and preparation. Each competitor is determined to win and each athlete wants to compete on the highest level. All of this will be much appreciated by the spectators. Much suspense can be expected and compelling matches await.

The organizing committee of the sports club 1. MGC Bamberg as well as the many volunteers are looking forward to being excellent hosts and creating a welcoming atmosphere for a fantastic und unforgettable World Championship.

I am looking forward to fair and suspenseful matches during the WMF World Deaf Minigolf Championships 2019. Best of luck to all the athletes – may you be successful and “Gut Schlag!”

Klaus Vogentanz
1. Chairperson

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