Greeting from Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann

Dear Athletes and Friends of Minigolf!

As a representative of the World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF), I would like to welcome all Athletes and Coaching Staff to my home town of Bamberg. It is a special honor to host the Minigolf World Championship “at home” which has always been my dream.

In 2017, the 1st Open International Minigolf Championships of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing took place in Nin/Croatia. The next year, the European Championships were hosted in Costa Nova/Portugal. Following a two-year cycle, the 2nd World Championships will be taking place in 2019 here in Bamberg.

The previous championships have deeply impressed on me the enthusiasm with which the Deaf Community has greeted this event and have also shown me which barriers are still being faced by people with disabilities. It strengthens my resolve that Minigolf can and must be part of affording international highlight events for all athletes and thus nurture friendships on an international level. The high esteem given to these World Championships are reflected in the patronage of the event through the President of the German Olympic Sports Federation and the level of support given by the city of Bamberg.

Our friends at the German Minigolf Sport Federation (DMV) and the supporters of the 1. Minigolf Club Bamberg will use their formidable experience hosting national and international events to make this occasion unforgettable for all participants.

I am looking forward to the usual Fair-Play approach to our sport!
Best luck to all participants and “Gut Schlag”!

Dr. Gerhard Zimmerman
President of the WMF und the DMV

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